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#15 — Alexas Realt Darling-Red

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Are you looking to purchase a beautiful cow you can take home and continue to flush? Selling is a VG-88 Reality daughter that goes back to the DEBUTANTE RAE'S! Alexas Realt Darling has several nice daughters on the ground. Including a VG-85 Red Chipper *P, and a VG-85 RC Sympatico! 

Location: Wisconsin, USA 

United States of America
Sire: Hurtgen-Vue Reality Red
Dam: Scientific Darling Rae-ETS *RC *TV VG-86 DOM - VG-88 VG-MS

Alexas Realt Darling-Red-ET VG-88 VG-MS

  • Alexas Realt Darling-Red VG-88 VG-MS
  • Scientific Darling Rae *RC *TV VG-86
  • Scientific Debutante Rae *RC EX-92

Reg No.



March 13, 2010

Production Records

  • 2-02 3x 320d 22,110lbM 4.9% 1,078F 3.4% 743P
  • 4-09 2x 165d 18,431lbM 4.8% 880F 3.0% 553P inc.




  • Donor dam
  • Averages about 7 embryos per flush


  • Hurtgen-Vue Reality Red
  • Scientific Darling Rae-ETS *RC *TV VG-86 VG-MS DOM
  • 2-04 2x 365d 27,011lbM 4.9% 1,332F 3.5% 941P inc.
  • Picston SHOTTLE
  • Scientific Debutante Rae *RC EX-92-USA GMD DOM
  • 2-02 365d 32,930lbM 4.4% 1,440F 3.4% 1,131P
  • All-American 4-Yr. 2005
  • Nom. All-American Jr. 3-Yr. 2004
  • Res. Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2005
  • Regancrest Elton DURHAM
  • Scientific Jubilant Rae *RC EX-90-USA DOM
  • 5-11 3x 365d 38,881lbM 4.1% 1,607F 3.4% 1 328P
  • 7 EX & 12 VG sister the USA
  • 8 EX & 3 VG dtrs in the USA

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