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#18 — Thurler Comfort Jedi Merlot

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Great chance to buy a full sister to the genomic superstar Jedi Royal GTPI+2877... Backed by a very successful branch of the Shottle May is selling a GTPI+2665 NM$+877 Jedi daughter from an alta1stClass daughter that is due in May and looks fantastic! Don't miss the opportunity to start your own branch of this family that has send many bulls to stud!

Location: Ontario, Canada

Sire: S-S-I Montross JEDI-ET
Dam: Peak Marq A1 942-ET

Thurler Comfort Jedi Merlot-ET

  • Peak Marq A1 942
  • Sully Robust 720 GP-83-2YR
  • Sully Planet Manitoba VG-85-CAN
  • Sully Shottle May EX-91 DOM

Reg No.



January 28, 2017

Genomic Results

  • US 04/18 GTPI +2560 / NM $ 780 / PTAT +1.21 [Details]


  • *Index are preliminary values
  • Full sister to Thurler Jedi Royal GTPI+2877!
  • Tremendous line of the Sully Shottle May family!
  • PTA Milk +1702 +88 Fat and +67 Protein!
  • DPR+1.6
  • Dam is due in May and looks FANTASTIC!


  • S-S-I Montross Jedi
  • Peak Marq A1 942-ET VG-85-2YR-CAN
  • Daughter to the high transmitting genomic powerhouse Marquisse!
  • Dam of Jedi Royal!
  • Zahbulls Alta1stClass
  • Bryhill Ransom Marquisse-ET GP-83-2YR DOM
  • 2-02 2x 365d 27,990lbM 4.6% 1,279F 3.6% 994P
  • Sons at Alta, Accelerated, CRV
  • Sully Robust 720-ET GP-83-CAN VG-MS 2YR *1
  • 2-01 365d 33,360lbM 4.0% 1,325F 3.4% 1,140P
  • Maternal sister to MERIDIAN

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