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Fancy FALL CALF sired by Beemer and backed by the All-American Elegance family... Beemer Elma is flush-age and a potential 9th generation EXCELLENT... bid last!

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

United States of America
Sire: Pol Butte Mc Beemer
Dam: Kulp-Dale Braxton Explode EX-94

Lin-Ro Beemer Elma

  • Kulp-Dale Braxton Explode EX-94
  • Savage-Leigh Explosion EX-94
  • Budjon-JK Encore Expose EX-95 GMD DOM

Reg No.



September 10, 2016


  • Flush-age
  • Fall calf
  • Potential 9th generation EXCELLENT


  • Pol Butte Mc Beemer
  • Kulp-Dale Braxton Explode EX-94
  • 2-01 364d 34,075lbM 3.3% 1,113F 2.9% 992P
  • 3-04 351d 41,427lbM 2.8% 1,177F 2.8% 1,168P
  • 8th Generation Excellent
  • Regancrest S BRAXTON
  • Savage-Leigh Explosion EX-94 3E
  • 3-07 326d 28,779lbM 3.6% 1,038F 3.2% 919P
  • Ladino Park TALENT
  • Budjon-JK Encore Expose EX-95-USA 2E GMD DOM
  • 2.08 305d 25,690lbM 3.7% 944F 3.4% 875P
  • 3.06 305d 27,811lbM 3.7% 1,043F 3.6% 990P
  • 6.03 305d 37,670lbM 3.9% 1,484F 3.1% 1,153P
  • Nom. All-American Aged Cow 2005
  • Member Res. All-American Best Three Females 2005
  • Res. All-American Sr. 3-Yr. Old 2002
  • Full sister to Budjon-JK Electra EX-95 & Express EX-95,

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