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#15 — PINE-TREE 7019 ACHI 7823

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Early ACHIEVER daughter sells.. Scoring a GTPI+2722 and +921 NET MERIT$! She already has several brothers headed to AI Companies and her dam is the No. 1 Profit daughter in the Breed! Don't miss out on this exciting Achiever daughter, she is negative for stature, 5.4% SCE, great health traits, high components and almost 2 points on UDC.

Location: Ohio, USA

United States of America
Sire: ABS ACHIEVER GTPI+2809 +1013NM$ +124F [more info]
Dam: PINE-TREE 9882 PROF 7019


  • OCD Supersire 9882 VG-86 DOM
  • Ammon-Peachey Shana VG-87-2YR-CAN
  • OCD Robust Shimmer EX-90 DOM
  • Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG-87 GMD DOM

Reg No.



December 18, 2017

Genomic Results

  • US 04/19 GTPI +2749 / NM $ 932 / PTAT +1.09 [Details]


  • +921 Net Merit EARLY Achiever!
  • Brothers are already going to Semex, ABS with more to follow!
  • Granddaughter of OCD SUPERSIRE 9882!
  • 9882 has 47 sons with an NAAB code and more to come!


  • PINE-TREE 9882 PROF 7019-ET VG-85
  • #1 Profit daughter in the BREED!
  • Sons in A.I. by Imax, Guarantee, Jedi, Fortune & Granite with more to follow!
  • S-S-I Partyrock PROFIT
  • Ocd Supersire 9882-ET VG-86-2YR VG-MS DOM
  • 2-01 3x 365d 31,870lbM 4.1% 1,310F 3.4% 1,082P
  • Genomic GIANT! Perhaps the most successful bull dam of the last decade!
  • Various sons are being used as mating sires!
  • 47 Sons have an NAAB CODE and more will FOLLOW!
  • Top Seller World Classic Sale 2016 $270,000
  • Seagull-Bay SUPERSIRE-ET
  • OCD Robust Shimmer-ET EX-90 DOM
  • 2-03 3x 365d 34,348lbM 3.5% 1,199F 3.0% 1,021P
  • 4-08 3x 308d 33,089lbM 3.8% 1,265F 3.2% 1,052P

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