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Updated: 3/16/2017

Lot 1 DG-TM Superhero 34912

Unique Superhero daughter that combines:

  • Production: +1611 PTA Milk, +88F & +64P
  • Fitness: +8.4PL, 2.84SCS and +3.6DPR!
  • with a complete linear!
  • Top 10 GTPI, #3 NM$ Superhero daughter in the breed (3/17)

Lot 2 Thurler Comfort Gayla-Red

Unique RED Jedi and one of the highest VRC heifers in the breed!

  • Top 10 GPA-LPI VRC heifer and #4 Protein VRC heifer in Canada
  • One of the highest available Variant Red heifers in the breed!
  • 50% of her offspring will be RED!

Lot 3 Butlerview Atw Casanova

Direct daughter of Camomile!

Due 5/22/2017 to 94HO10276 Dundee

+3.31 PTA Type! 

Maternal sisters to Casanova

  • Silvermaple Windham Camille EX-92 - Grand Champion WDE Jr. Show 2016
  • Wedgwood WH Camomile VG-89-CAN
  • Butlerview Door Camilla VG-89
  • Butlerview Door Class VG-88-2YR

Lot 4 Golden-Oaks Lady Lakota

+3.47 GPTA Type Solomon that is READY to FLUSH or IVF directly from LOCKET EX-94

Maternal sister to Walkerbrae Doorman Locket VG-89-CAN 91-MS @ 3-01

  • 3rd Jr. 3-Yr-Old Wold Dairy Expo 2016
  • 3rd Jr. 3-Yr-Old Royal Winter Fair 2016

Lot 5 Pine-Tree 6684 Mode 7312

One of the highest PTA Milk Modesty daughters in the breed (+2364M) with SCS<2.80!

The modern kind!

  • Stature -0.23
  • PTA Milk +2364
  • SCS 2.79
  • PL +8.4
  • DPR +2.1
  • SCE 6.5%
  • UDC & FLC >1.60!

Lot 6 Speek-NJ Cyndesty

Very EARLY Modesty daughter from a very EARLY fresh Silver daughter that already scored GP-83 @ 1-11!

Maternal line goes back to CALE, CRIMSON and COSMOPOLITAN!

  • Great Components: +0.15% Fat & +0.07% Protein
  • Feed Efficiency +203
  • SCE 6.0%

Lot 7 MS DG-TM Alltime 34881 *P

  • High-Ranking POLLED female GTPI+2640!
  • Would have been Top 20 Polled in December 2016
  • Dam is full sister to Endco THE ANSWER-P

Lot 8 Butlerview GC Abr 9155

Fresh and looks GREAT!

Gold Chip x Res. All-American Abrianna EX-92 (Max-Score) x ADEEN!

Lot 9 Ms Angel Dameka *RC

Sells open and READY to FLUSH or IVF!

Archrival x EX-94 Damion x EX-96 Apple x EX-95 Altitude x EX-93 x EX-94 x EX-96 x EX-90 x EX-90

It doesn't get much better than this!

Lot 10 Pine-Tree Jedi 5813 Jedi 7286

+2130 PTA Milk, +64 Protein, SCS 270 Jedi from VG-85 Galaxy x EX-91 Massey x EX-91 Ramos!

Same maternal line as the popular Red Mating Sire Coyne-Farms Sympati PAT-RED at Select Sires!

Lot 11 MD-Maple-Lawn Sid Lucky 

Fancy Winter Calf for 2017! Dam is a Max-Score EX-92 Sanchez granddaughter of the Million-Dollar Cow Lylehaven Lila Z!

Lot 12 Endco Denver Flor 23168


Goes back to a great line of the B'star Raven family!

Great production: +2004 PTA Milk +98Fat +61Protein!

Lot 13 Ms Rob-Sara Sid 293

Fresh and looks great has the looks to make a great scoring 2-Yr-Old!

Dam is an EX-91-3YR daughter from Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah!

Note: The cow is 10 days fresh on the picture and already milking 70Lbs.

Lot 14 Stunning-M Exact Baffle

Huge DPR, +5.0, heifer from unique sire stack: Exactly x Rodgers x Mogul x altaBaxter back to SHOTTLE BOMBI EX-94

Same family that produced Braedale GOLDWYN!

Lot 15 Alexas Realt Darling-Red VG-88

Reality x VG-86 Shottle x DEBUTANTE RAE!

Averages close to 7 embryos in 15 conventional flushes!

Already has Very Good scoring daughters by Chipper and Sympatico!

Lot 16 Peak Annie Jsr S091


Bred 2/22/2017 to SEXED 507HO12899 Slamdunk (GTPI+2815)

Josuper x Bookkeeper x the full sister of the popular proven sire AIKMAN!

Lot 17 Stunning-M Bandares Bee

Early GTPI+2614 Bandares from a great OUTCROSS line of the BARBIES!

Bandares x Draco x EX-91 Uno x VG-87 Bowser x VG-85 Mac x EX-90 Shottle x BARBIE!

Lot 18 Thurler Comfort Jedi Merlot

Full sister to one of the highest GTPI heifers in the breed, Jedi Royal GTPI+2877!

Dam is due in May and looks FANTASTIC! She is a favorite in the heifer barn from every visitor!

Great pedigree going back to Sully Shottle May!

Lot 19 Thurler Modesty Rose

GTPI+2661 and READY to WORK!

EARLY Modesty daughter from a great line of the Shottle Mays

Maternal sister to JEDI ROYAL GTPI+2877!

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